Waste to Energy Plants


Until recently, the only place to put that trash was in landfills. Some waste materials have also been used as a fuel in power plants to create electricity or other forms of energy


Refuse-Derived Fuel

Refuse-derived fuels (RDF) typically consists of pelletized or “fluff” MSW that is the by-product of a resource recovery operation. Processing removes iron materials, glass, grit, and other materials that are not combustible. The remaining material is then sold as RDF. Both our RDF processing facility and RDF combustion facility are usually located near each other, if not on the same site.


Pyrolysis/Thermal Gasification

Pyrolysis and thermal gasification are related technologies through thermal gasification of MSW is different from pyrolysis in that the thermal decomposition takes place in the presence of a limited amount of oxygen or air.
Both of these technologies are in the development stage with a limited number of units in operation.
The provision of renewable clean energy is one of the core aspects of the long term goals to be achieved by the Asante Corporation. Through our Subsidiaries Asante Energy Ltd & Asante Waste Management Ltd, renewable energy sources such as Solar, Hydro, Wind & Waste to energy projects including Landfill gas to energy are being explored as an option to truly be “an Eco-friendly Partner” to our communities.