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We’re smart when it comes to clean.

We’re smart when it comes to clean.
Every school’s environmental service needs are different. That’s why we develop waste and recycling solutions customized to your campus. We’ll conduct a waste audit to determine where waste diversion and recycling may impact your bottom-line, help you manage your waste stream with renewable energy products like compactors that alert you when they’re 80% full, and provide you with sustainability initiatives that will have your school running as efficiently as possible. That way you’ll have the time and money to focus on what’s important – shaping the minds of your students.


Asante Waste Management is proud to be the environmental services partner for many colleges and universities. We love to talk trash and have developed several customized waste and recycling initiatives for our higher education partners.


Waste & recycling solutions for primary schools

It’s never too early…or too late to start educating about the importance and benefits of recycling. That’s why we partner with schools in communities all over to create special education and recycling programs for students, faculty and staff. We’ll also conduct a waste audit for you and develop customized waste- and cost-control initiatives based on the size and needs of your school. Because who knows, the next great environmentalist could be sitting in one of your classrooms right now.


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