Disposal & Recycling Services



Our environmental commitment runs deep, literally. Our transfer stations make disposal more efficient, our landfills provide a vital service, and our landfill gas-to-energy systems help power homes and reduce usage of nonrenewable resources.


Your business can make Mother Earth Proud, too. We’ll recycle your papers, plastics, metals and more, and you’ll enjoy the bottom line benefits.


We know what’s special about special waste. We’ve got you and your unique needs and challenges covered.


Our environmental consultancy was established to provide a practical,  knowledgeable, and good value service to small and medium sized organizations & Clients. Our waste management consultants will develop a waste management plan tailored to your business. The AWM Environmental Solutions process begins with a sustainability assessment and consultation. During these consultations, professional, highly-trained technicians with extensive waste management and regulatory compliance experience document current sustainability initiatives and performance. We offer Waste Management Solutions including


  • recycling & sorting requirements
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Anaerobic digestion & Land Remediation services.
  • Waste segregation and auditing



Given the importance of sustainability to both compliance and brand health, businesses must constantly keep a close eye on their performance against established standards and goals.
In addition to sustainability assessments, customers also benefit from a suite of proprietary, web-based reporting and tracking tools. These powerful tools deliver customized data analytics and sustainability reporting for all management levels. They also ensure proper record keeping and final paperwork for compliance with local, state, and environmental regulations. Among other details, these systems generate useful sustainability data for all facilities, including total waste volume generated and number of waste containers used as well as Certificates of Recycling and inspection history documents.
Our flexibility towards service delivery allows us to respond to the particular needs of a range of clients. This has enabled us to produce high quality documents, procedures and systems that demonstrate realistic, succinct and practical measures for our clients to achieve permissions, consents, contracts or certification.