Take it to the curb, we’ll do the rest.

Like you, we value safe and clean communities where residents don’t notice the garbage truck, but instead are impressed by cleaner streets and neighborhoods that they can be proud to call home. That’s why Asante Waste Management provides residential solid waste and recycling services to thousands of families and neighborhoods every day.

A Second Set of Eyes – Backing Sensors
All new Asante Waste Management route trucks have backing sensors installed at the manufacturer in addition to more than 20% of the current fleet that have been or are in the process of being retrofitted with backing sensors now. Backing sensors are placed on the rear of trucks and sense when any object or person comes within 6 feet of the truck. Once the sensor detects this object, the brakes are automatically applied. Our trucks should automatically brake before backing into a car, mailbox, tree, bicyclist, or other object.  Backing sensors are proven to be amazingly effective with over 80% reduction in backing accident frequency, which is the number one cause of accidents in our industry. While this safety equipment does increase the cost of doing business, we believe that the investment to prevent accidents is vital. We encourage others in the industry to follow our lead in making our business, as well as our industrial and residential communities safer for everyone.

The Right Decision – Right-Hand Routing
Why do we pick up one side of the street only to turn around the pick the other side up? Asante Waste Management operates right-hand routing on all residential routes because it is much safer. Operating vehicles against traffic flow or weaving from one side of the street to another increases the likelihood of an accident or injury. While this may add time to our routes, there is never time for an accident or injury due to crisscrossing roads with our trucks or our employees.


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