Incinerators / Hazardous Waste Facilities (HWFs)

Some wastes cannot be recycled and will always require specialist destruction and disposal. Potentially harmful substances can be cleaned and purified, reducing the need to manufacture virgin solvents from non-renewable
1. High Temperature Incineration (HTI) – HTI offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for challenging wastes that cannot be recycled or recovered elsewhere. For confidential waste materials or Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS), only the highest levels of secure destruction are ideal & appropriate. HTI is a proven solution for the safe management of hazardous organic chemicals and materials that are unsuitable for recovery or recycling. It is widely regarded as the best overall environmental option (BOEO) for chemical
and confidential wastes.
Our rotary kiln incinerators are the most technically advanced HTI facilities in the region. They handle liquids (up to 10 tonnes per hour), gases (bulk and cylinders) and solids through a state of the art shredding, mixing and pumping system. The process heats materials to temperatures up to 1200°C, resulting in 99.99% thermal destruction efficiency. We use the latest technology at every stage & can receive and handle a wide range of materials such as hazardous by-products, redundant or obsolete items, laboratory waste and agents, contaminated electrical equipment and contaminated soils and offer our clients safe and rapid transit, whatever the location.