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Municipal street cleaning


Litter and general street cleanliness frequently top the lists of residents’ concerns. The solution lies in an in-depth knowledge of the area, combined with careful planning and targeted action to transform problem locations. Bringing together your local knowledge and our expertise, we can roll out a programme of regular street cleaning activities designed to maintain optimum cleanliness in your area:
♦ Sweeping flat surfaces e.g. shopping centres
♦ Sweeping pavements and roads
♦ Hot washing large areas of road to remove day-to-day grime
♦ Hot washing walls and bridges for the removal of graffiti or bird fouling
♦ Weeds & Chewing gum removal


We operate advanced equipment including gully machines for clearing drains and cesspits and ‘grab’ vehicles capable of removing fly-tipped objects. Our staff are visible, approachable and conscientious. Whatever the issues affecting your region, Asante Waste Management’s street cleaning services can improve your performance and offer residents a cleaner, greener and safer environment.

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