Our Vision

To develop a global brand that will partner with our customers and communities to manage & reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy.

Our Mission

To maintain a steady but profitable growth based on our core values by providing value for money to the clients and communities that we serve through our people.

Our Values

Creativity & Innovation

Value for Money & Customer-oriented Services

Health & Safety

Quality & Reliability

Transparency & Integrity

Equal Employee Opportunities & Empowerment

Commitment & Passion

Synergy & Teamwork

Our Values

Our values provide the foundation for our company’s practices and standards. We believe it is imperative to exhibit the highest ethical standards — as a company and as individuals.

• Creativity & Innovation

We encourage all our employees to service clients using creative and proactive means for the development of practical solutions and ideas for the company, its customers and all its stakeholders.

• Value for Money & Customer-oriented Services

The customer is the most important element in our business, therefore all our efforts are geared towards making the customer happy consistently.

• Health & Safety

We strive to keep our people, customers and the environment safe and always take action when we see danger at all levels of our business.

• Quality & Reliability

We strive to provide the highest level of quality and consistency at all levels of our business in the services & products that our customers rely on.

• Transparency & Integrity

We are well trained, honest and empowered to take full responsibility for our actions and decisions in ALL our dealings as we require other stakeholders to do the same.

• Equal Employee Opportunities & Empowerment

We value our people and do not discriminate as we treat them equally with dignity for all to take advantage of their full potential and opportunity in the business.

• Commitment & Passion

We are target oriented company and we cannot achieve our mission or goals without these 2 major performance Indicators.

•  Synergy & Teamwork

Our policies and systems have been put in place to enhance teamwork, streamline our operations and enhance efficiency within our organisation.

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