Remediation & Field Services

Asante Waste Management remediation professionals have the technical capabilities and operational expertise to manage both small- and large-scale environmental projects. Our multidisciplinary technical and operations staff provides results-oriented systems and programs, incorporating both off-site removal and on-site treatment, as needed.


Site and soil remediation

Our projects include every type of application of hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal technologies and range in size from 30 cubic yards of residential oil-contaminated soil to over 100,000 cubic yards of PCB’s, hydrocarbons, debris, and metals contaminated soil.


  • Excavation and disposal of contaminated soil
  • NORM decontamination
  • Bio-remediation
  • Chemical oxidation
  • In-situ and ex-situ stabilization/solidification
  • Deep soil mixing
  • Thermal desorption / incineration
  • Underwater system installation



Asante Waste Management has the ability to install ground water treatment and extraction systems for public entities, major oil and petrochemical companies, private landowners, engineering companies and consulting firms. These systems remove a variety of organic and inorganic contaminants and typically employ one or more treatment strategies. The best technology is utilized on each site by maximizing time and space constraints, nature and concentration of the contaminants present, cleanup standards, and soil permeability. We excel in providing excavation, piping, electrical and mechanical installation and site restoration services, as required to implement the specified remediation program.


  • Carbon adsorption
  • Air stripping
  • Steam stripping
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Biological oxidation
  • Phase separation
  • Neutralization
  • Precipitation



Landfill/ copping/ pond/ and pit construction

Our full range of landfill construction services includes the construction of new facilities ranging from temporary containment areas for contaminated soils to sophisticated operational landfill units for disposal of industrial wastes, including the installation of comprehensive methane and leachate collection systems. Capping systems are constructed to achieve secure isolation of waste materials from the environment.

Additionally, Asante Waste Management performs thorough clean out of contaminated sediments and sludges from retention and settling ponds, aeration basins, leach fields and other impoundment systems. By employing appropriate filtering and dewatering methods, the volume of waste sent to off-site disposal facilities can be minimized.


  • Landfill construction and closure
  • RCRA impoundment construction and closure
  • Methane collection systems
  • Leachate collection systems
  • Sludge / sediment solidification and removal
  • Dredging and dewatering



Wet lands construction and planting.

Stericycle project managers are experienced in the implementation, development and construction of wetlands restoration systems. We have successfully assisted our clients in improving ecological design in both natural and constructed wetlands. We work closely with clients to provide quality excavation, grading, substrate installation, contouring and planting services to meet wetlands mitigation and design plans. When completed, wetlands can provide improved water quality, aesthetic enhancement, and a habitat for fish and wildlife.


  • Excavation and construction
  • Soil / gravel substrate installation
  • Irrigation
  • Planting and seeding
  • Erosion management
  • Solid / liquid separation (dewatering)