Corporate Social Responsibility

At Asante waste management we believe that every business no matter how large or small, has an impact in some way, on the world we live in. Our customers are also our neighbours, associates, friends and family. The schools we serve are the same schools that teach our own children.
The businesses we serve are the same businesses that serve us as customers. The hospitals, police departments, government organizations we serve are also the same ones that care for and protect the communities we live in, too. For all these reasons, we have an exceptional interest in helping make those communities’ better places to work and live. It’s a responsibility we take to heart.


Charity Giving

Healthy thriving communities depend on involved citizens, organizations and corporate partners for momentum. We lend our support and services to causes that promote civic pride, economic development and revitalization. Every community has its own challenges, and we always strive to be part of the problem-solving initiatives.

These guidelines outline the programs that Asante waste management is most motivated to support:
Environment – The environment affects all aspects of our lives, from the air we breathe, to the way we power our home. Understanding the importance of the environment, Asante waste management partners with organizations and programs that preserve and enhance natural resources.
Environmental Education – The key to ensuring the preservation of the environment is learning about the importance of protecting it and acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Asante waste management prefers to support environmental education programs targeted at middle and high school
Causes important to the areas where we operate – We are committed to enhancing our communities through programs that help make them cleaner and better places to live. Our local waste management facilities are proactive in identifying charities located in the immediate community that we



By being a good proactive corporate citizen, we have managed to maintain a competitive advantage externally by protecting our reputation and internally through engaging our employees. We are passionate about the industry we are in and continually seek to assess, improve and reduce the impact that our actions have not only on the global environment, but also on local communities.


National Recycling Week

As a long-time advocate of National Recycling Week in November every year, we proudly support this event as a way of promoting the importance of recycling within the community. Asante Waste Management’s education officers leverage this national event to highlight important concerns such as recycling contamination, and what happens behind the scenes once recycling and waste is collected.


Uganda Wildlife Authority

Asante Waste Management continues to surpass their sustainability goal by Working with communities around game reserves & preserving land for wildlife habitats that provide food, water, shelter, cover and space “suitable
to animal’s needs.” For more information about our involvement, visit


Keep EA Beautiful

A non-profit campaign dedicated to community improvement through beautification efforts. It combines education with hands-on stewardship to prevent litter and reduce waste, making East Africa’s communities cleaner, greener, safer and more liveable.


“TECH IT AWAY CAMPAIGN” Recycle your e-waste.

The program successfully engages students, teachers, members of the community and techno-tel Businesses to work together to keep harmful e-waste out of the landfill sites while raising funds for school electronics and Eco conscious student led projects.


School Programs

As a waste contractor and industry leader, Asante Waste Management appreciates the importance of bringing waste education to communities. We work hard to educate students about waste minimisation & recycling through school based education programs. A team of Asante WM Educators work in partnership with local councils to run preschool, primary and secondary education programs across Australia. Our aim is to teach students about the positive impact waste avoidance and recycling has on preserving our precious resources. Through our simple to use strategies, students can reduce their own personal carbon footprint and help to make a real difference.


Our ex-offenders rehabilitation programme

We believe in change. We work with prisons to deliver training, support and qualifications in environmental waste management to offenders on their journey to rehabilitation.