Recycling Facts & Trivia


There are little things each of us can do to help preserve and protect the environment.

Here are some ideas on how you can make a difference every day:

  • Reduce paper waste by using both sides of the paper and using scrap paper whenever possible.
  • Reduce lunch waste by buying snacks in large bags and putting them into small, reusable containers. The small bags cost up to 30 percent more and create 10 times as much garbage.
  • Use a reusable lunch box instead of disposable paper bags.
  • Whenever possible, purchase products with minimal packaging.
  • Reuse canvas, paper or plastic bags to bring home purchases.
  • Share magazines, books, movies and CDs with friends and family instead of buying new.
  • Buy recycled products — the greater the demand, the more products will be made with recycled materials.

Wanting to know more about the Life Cycle of Trash or Learn About Landfills will not only help you be more environmentally educated but will also help keep our world Clean & Green.