Why privatization makes sense.


Asante Waste Management has a lot to offer local governments. For starters, when we assume responsibility for solid waste and recycling in a community, the local government:

  • Saves money
    Often times, the costs of labor, fuel, and maintenance are included in the local government’s solid waste budget figures. However, hidden costs are not always included. Full cost accounting requires that a company, city or county include liability insurance, employee pension funds, accounting costs, depreciation, administrative staff, replacement equipment, etc. If all of these costs are removed from the city’s budget, great savings are realized.


  • Reduces its liability
    Asante Waste Management assumes accident liability and shelters the local government from lawsuits and costly settlements.


  • Increases its control of the solid waste program
    With a contract, local governments can restrict and/or enforce certain practices. A contract can be dissolved if a party does not live up to the contract. With civil service employees, though, it is extremely difficult to fire or discipline individuals who do not perform.


  • Gains job opportunities for its employees
    The municipality’s employees will be protected and offered jobs. Asante Waste Management can offer the employees the opportunity to grow financially and increase their experience and skills. In many cases, Asante Waste Management offers a stronger benefits package that better protects the employee and saves them money.


  • Eliminates the responsibility for equipment costs
    Asante Waste Management assumes all costs, including the purchase of new equipment, its maintenance and depreciation.


  • Has protection in its partnership
    Performance bonds, purchased by the contractor, protect municipalities from private haulers faltering on their contract. In Asante Waste Management’s history, we have never faltered on a municipal contract.


  • Enjoys community benefits
    Asante Waste Management offers many community programs that benefit the municipality and its citizens, such as charitable contributions and free services to the city or county.