Containers & Dumpsters



Asante Waste management provides bin bags, recycle bins and skip bins to suit your waste disposal and recycling requirements. We can also customize bins, skips, and storage vessels to specifically suit your waste and operational requirements. We work with you closely to ensure you receive the right bin hire and collection services to manage your waste, increase your recycling and minimize the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.
Asante Waste Management’s online dumpster rental allows you to quickly find the right size dumpster for your project, schedule delivery and payment plan, all in just a few clicks.

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Wheelie bin application

Our wheelie bins are collected using our either rear lift or side lift trucks.

  • Lightweight, lower volume residential, commercial and industrial wastes
  • Small to mid-size commercial, industrial and municipal uses
  • Residential & businesses with high frequency collection requirements
  • Ideal for businesses with space or access restrictions, scattered waste generation points, or those with perishable wastes.




Steel Bin Application

  • Asante Waste Management’s front end lift (FEL) steel bins provide a fast, maneuverable option for medium to high volume commercial and industrial applications.
  • Medium to high volume waste producers such as commercial and light industrial waste.
  • Ideal for businesses requiring flexibility in bin sizes and systems
  • Suitable for all volumes of mixed solid waste and/or paper and cardboard recycling
  • Vehicle capacity from 25m³ to 31m³ to suit application




Skip bins Application

  • Skip bins (also known as Marrell bins) use a lift on/lift off system to provide a versatile single lift bin system.
  • Convenient for one-off waste requirements
  • Ideal for large, heavy, non-compact-able waste fractions from building and demolition sites such as bricks, sand and timber (6m3 to 12m3 skip bins)
  • Ideal way of managing waste generated from household renovations, garden or office clean ups (2m3 to 5m3 skip bins)
  • Recycling of demolition waste is available
  • Saves time and cost compared to landfill disposal







We also analyze your requirements using a waste and recycling assessment to develop waste management plan to suit your business or residence. Find out more about our different bin hire and collection services:

All our bin bags are appropriately labeled & coloured. Asante Waste Management will not collect, transport, sort or store any form of waste from any client without any bookings being made at least 4days in advanced prior to pick up.




Confused about health care waste colour codes?


The correct segregation of health care waste on site is vital to ensure that waste is stored, transported ultimately disposed of in the correct manner to comply with clinical waste regulations. The Department of Health Safe Management of Health care Waste Memorandum outlines a best practice waste segregation colour coding scheme for producers of hazardous and non-hazardous waste to follow.



Medical & Clinical Waste bins

Wastes arising from medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, laboratory, pharmaceutical and other similar practices are all managed using Asante Waste Management’s medical and clinical waste systems.

Three different coloured bins are used to collected clinical and related wastes:
Clinical Waste Yellow Waste bins – marked “Clinical Waste”, with the International “Biohazard” symbol
Cytotoxic Waste Purple Waste bins – marked “Cytotoxic Waste”, with the cell in “telophase” symbol
Clinical Waste Orange Waste bins – marked “Pharmaceutical/Anatomical Waste”, with the International “Biohazard” symbol

Features of Cleanaway’s clinical waste solutions

 Range of disposable containers available to meet collection and storage needs
 Safe, disposable, puncture and tamper resistant containers
 Secure containment, transport and disposal with certificates of destruction available
 East African standards approved
 EPA compliant service with associated EPA documentation provided
 Professional, proficient staff to advise you on collection, storage and transport.

Clinical & Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste consists of pharmaceutical (drug, remedy/medicinal substances), expired or discarded pharmaceuticals, substances no longer required by patients or departments and waste materials/substances
generated during the manufacture and administration of pharmaceuticals. All pharmaceutical bins are lockable, lined with orange PVC plastic bags, have orange lids and / or bodies and are accompanied by bin stickers to ensure
clear identification.
Clinical waste bins are provided to manage sharps, human tissue waste, laboratory waste, animal waste, and waste resulting from dental, medical or veterinary research or treatment which has the potential to cause
disease. Our clinical waste bins are lockable, yellow in colour, lined with yellow PVC plastic bags and accompanied by bin stickers to ensure clear identification and encourage compliance.


Also available with a flip lid for easy access.
Our range of pails includes 4 litre and 20 litre. Soft waste, fluids and sharps can all be placed in containers.


Cytotoxic Waste

Cytotoxic waste containers are available in 10 & 20 litre drums to manage
material which are, or may have been contaminated with cytotoxic drugs in the
preparation, transport or administration of cytotoxic therapy. This waste stream requires incineration as a method of disposal and must be packaged in purple containers that bear the ‘cytotoxic symbol’. Medical wastes are stored,
transported and disposed of differently to general waste and the management of clinical wastes must comply with specific Legislative and Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.