Charitable Contributions

Healthy thriving communities depend on involved citizens, organizations and corporate partners for momentum. We lend our support and services to causes that promote civic pride, economic development and revitalization. Every community has its own challenges, and we strive always to be part of problem-solving initiatives.

Giving Guidelines

These guidelines outline the programs that Asante Waste Management is most motivated to support:

Environment – The environment affects all aspects of our lives, from the air we breathe, to the way we power our homes, to the parklands in which we play. Asante Waste Management is committed to helping provide renewable resources to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and to conserving and maintaining wetlands, wildlife habitats and green spaces for people’s enjoyment. Understanding the importance of the environment, Asante Waste Management supports organizations and programs that preserve and/or enhance natural resources.

Environmental Education – The key to ensuring the preservation of the environment is learning about the importance of protecting it and acting in an environmentally responsible manner. To this end, Asante Waste Management prefers to support environmental education programs targeted at middle and high school students. This includes environmental and science related projects, science fairs, Earth Day projects and others.

Causes important to the areas where we operate – Asante Waste Management is committed to enhancing our communities through programs that help make them cleaner and better places to live. Asante Waste Management is proactive in identifying charities located in the immediate community that they serve and in many cases may have predetermined which organizations they will be supporting that year.